Nikki Spire's Classroom

Personal Narrative

My path to becoming a special education teacher was difficult and filled with challenges. I have learned about a range of disabilities and a number of methods to teach the range of needs that are in the class. I will never forget what they have taught me and shared with me. They have shared an immense amount of knowledge that will enhance my abilities as a teacher. Now that I am done with student teaching, I have learned more then one could have learned from text books. It is the experiences such as preclinicals and student teaching that have helped me grow and continue to grow into the special education teacher I am and want to continue to become. One can not learn what to do and how to help a particular student from a text book, but from trying to work with the student. Every child is unique which means how we teach the child is also going to be using some other form of unique methods.

Not only have I learned that it is the experiences that have helped me grow tremendously, but teachers and staff members by providing feedback and guidance. With out my cooperating teacher, aids, Dr. Writer, and my supervisor I do not feel that I would have found such growth throughout my student teaching. In the beginning I struggled with the format of the lessons and being able to find my voice as a teacher was also difficult. Now, I have learned what an appropriate lesson should look like and what you need to look at to write one. I also learned how important it is to look at programs that are out there and how crucial it is that one look at human development. One of my other great struggles that I had trouble with is finding a teacher voice. I was not very quiet when I gave instruction, but now I have the teacher voice to use with the students. All of these tremendous experiences and teachers have helped create the special education teacher I am today.