Nikki Spire's Classroom

Standard 10: Reflection & Professional Growth

Description of the Artifact

The attached artifact is my journal on going to an in-service meeting on how the brain works and effects how someone learns. I learned more about the brain and strategies to help a child learn. For example, if the child needs to move while listening, give the child a fidget such as a small rubber frog. Do breathing strategies in the class if you notice a child needs a break and to calm down because if the child is struggling to calm down the child is going to struggle to learn.

My second artifact is an IEP meeting. I have been to IEP meetings during student teaching. I have seen how one works collaboratively with other staff members to prepare for the meeting with the students parents.

Personal/Practical Knowledge Gained

From the in-service meeting I learned how a person's brain works and what type of strategies a student might need to help them gain knowledge if they may be stressed out or overwhelmed. I also learned how the brain develops at such a young age and how much a child is picking up just from a sensory input. Even if that sensory input is just hitting pots and pans with a spoon, that child is making connections to things.

Going to the IEP meeting allowed me to see how the teachers delegated if there was any issue with the student's behaviors and and to observe discussing them carefully with the parents. I learned about the students more by listening to the students' accomplishments and goals that we are setting in place for each particular student.

Connection to Standard

I feel that these two artifacts demonstrate reflection and professional growth because going to a variety of seminars helps you gain insight to new strategies that could be used in your class. It also helps you look at what you do in the class and how you can improve as a teacher.

Future Planning

I have learned how important it is to participate in in-services and how that can help improve your teaching skills. I also learned that an IEP meeting allows the teacher to work collaboratively with staff and parents to help improve the child's learning. I plan on looking back and using the knowledge gained during student teaching and the rest of my teaching career.