Nikki Spire's Classroom

Standard 6: Instructional Delivery

Description of the Artifact

My first artifact in this section, building with stories, is linked to the ELSB program which is also known as early language skills builder. The program is integrating what the students have learned in the reading program and having them use it during stories. Building with stories helps the student try to predict the story and answer comprehension questions. Building with stories also helps students get familiar with finding title, author of the book, and turning pages.

My second artifact is another lesson idea that tests the team work of students. I feel that having team work opportunities in the classroom is highly important for students to learn. Students have to learn how to get along with each other.

Personal/Practical Knowledge Gained

My first artifact provides a nice easy guideline that will help me plan a lesson for the students to use. The artifact helped me take a look at what things the students are working on. I can then incorporate some of those things in other lessons.

My second artifact was all about challenging my students by having them learn to work together as a team. I learned these team building skills by having a class in high school which taught me the importance of team building skills and I want to carry out the same idea.

Connection to Standard

My first artifact connects to the standard by showing a nice guideline that allowed me to make sure I had some inferential questions and allows problem solving for the students.

My second artifact demonstrates the standard by having the students work on their problem solving and critical thinking skills. The students had to think by doing some hands on team building activities.

Future Planning

My future plans for both artifacts is that I expect to be able to use these materials again in a classroom. I have really enjoyed using these materials.