Nikki Spire's Classroom

Standard 11: Professional Conduct

Description of the Artifact

Both of my artifacts are about going to seminars. One of the seminars was at Lindon Oaks on self injury and addictions which I thought was very fascinating to learn about. The other seminar was going to a full day of sessions on various topics. I went to the sessions on strategy tools to work with students with autism and I learned a lot of different strategies for sensory integration.

Personal/Practical Knowledge Gained

I gained knowledge on self injury and on different types of addictions. At the other seminar I learned some strategies for working with students with autism, and how important it is to try and get them to notice things that are around them.

Connection to Standard

I choose these two artifacts for this particular standard because it is important to improve and gain new knowledge in order to improve student learning and well being.

Future Planning

I plan on taking the knowledge that I have gained with me to help throughout my teaching career.