Nikki Spire's Classroom

Standard 9: Collaborate Relationships

Description of the Artifact

I have included one sheet of paper that mentions how we had a half day SASED in service meeting about how to use the tools that we have. The in service meeting gave me a chance to interact with colleagues and staff and to increase knowledge to be used in the classroom. They gave us a good web address to go to. I was also given a chance to create things for the class out of tools that were given to us. We had to create a task or two for the class or a particular student. We created a box that allowed one of the students to color in a designated area and put the markers in a bottle to know that she had completed the task.

My second artifact is a list of things I wanted to talk to the aids about after school. Everyday after school I talk to the aids about certain things like up coming events, community visits, or a behavior in the class that needs to be addressed. I feel that it helps me to create a list, otherwise I will never remember what I wanted the aids to work on.

Personal/Practical Knowledge Gained

The half day SASED in service was a great experience because it allowed me to meet with professional teachers and share ideas with one another about different tasks the students can do. I also learned about a website which has a lot of great links that I can introduce into the classroom, like remembering to always present a task from left to right. This left to right process of doing a task can be worked on as a reading skill because the student needs to learn to read left to right.

The second attachment, my list of what I want to talk about with the aids, is important because I am making sure that as a group we are all on the same page and working together. I feel that working collaboratively is very important for a teacher because the students learn more and you are all working with children for a common purpose.

Connection to Standard

I have chosen these two artifacts because they show collaborative relationships by having meetings with follow staff and working together on ideas that we can share to use in our classroom. As teacher you are in charge of making sure that aids and other staff are working with you to meet common goals for the students.

Future Planning

I will take what I have learned for the sassed staff with me as I further my career to being a special education teacher.