Nikki Spire's Classroom

Standard 2: Human Development & Learning

Description of the Artifact

I created a outline of what is different for each chapter in the published driven reading program ELSB, English Language Skills Builder. I did this outline of the publisher driven reading program to help me understand the links of how children learn and human development. From looking at the program I got to see where the differences were from one level to the next.

The second artifact I created was a journal about a son with Autism. It was pretend, but we had to write from the parents perspective and talk about the child's development. I felt that the working with families with disabilities course was an excellent course. It taught about looking for the signs of autism and the child's development. My journal also allowed me to think about how some parents react when they learn that their children have disabilities.

Personal/Practical Knowledge Gained

In creating this artifact I learned about the links between human development and how children learn to be immensely important. I also learned about the links between human development and how a child learns and placing that same format of how it is presented in other lessons. I feel that I would not have been able to have taken a closer look without the guidance of my supervisor. I wish I could have done this activity instead of journals to help me better understand human development and link it to how the child learns.

My second artifact is all about my pretend son having Autism. We had to write from the parents point of view to learn more about what the parents were feeling, learning more about Autism, and learning about average human development. It gave me more insight into working with children with Autism and thinking about how the parents must feel about their child having a disability.

Connection to Standard

I felt that my outline of the ELSB helped me reflect on the human development and understand how children learn, which is why I have incorporated into my portfolio.

I feel that my journal about my son with Autism clearly displayed this standard by talking about the development appropriate for children.

Future Planning

I plan on reflecting on my artifacts and looking at them occasionally to see how important it is to do research on different publisher driven articles, child development, and signs of Autism.