Nikki Spire's Classroom

Standard 1: Content Knowledge

Description of the Artifact

I created this artifact in the History of Education and Philosophy class my sophomore year. This artifact contains at least twenty individuals who have made great contributions to, or influences on, the American education system. However, I have chosen a few that I feel have done a great amount for our education system. I wrote narratives of the people I felt at the time made great contributions or impact on American education.

My second artifact for this standard is my reflection on an article about RTI. I wrote the reflection my junior year of college. The article on RTI was an informational piece to give students an idea of what RTI is actually about. It is very crucial that we as teachers study RTI and what is it all about.

Personal/Practical Knowledge Gained

I learned about educators or people who have helped create what education is today. For example Noah Webster who created the first American Dictionary which helps students learn to read and write. Without the dictionary would we have an American language and literature? Noah Webster created a huge contribution and sacrificed most of his life creating the dictionary. Another person that greatly influenced teaching was Joseph Lancaster who invented the monitorial system. A method of what we would consider today as a form of classroom management. The monitorial system would help by teaching the older group of students the material and how to properly act and then the older students would pass the material on to the younger students. Joseph Lancaster also tried to provide education to those who did not have much money and that even though they have little money they too deserve an education.

RTI is highly important for anyone into the field of teaching to know about. RTI is taking place into today's schools and I feel that as teachers we need to be as prepared as possible.

Connection to Standard

I incorporated this artifact in standard one because it demonstrates my knowledge of past people who have impacted American education. I have learned a lot about individuals who have impacted our education today. This will help in my future as I remember all the wonderful and courageous things people have done to create our educational system.

The second artifact I incorporated to meet standard one demonstrates my content knowledge because I have gained knowledge about RTI. I have learned about what RTI is and this knowledge will help me with my teaching degree.

Future Planning

This artifact helps me better understand where our education system has come from. It also challenges me and inspires me to do some great things in our school system no matter how creative some of the ideas I may have may be.

This artifact will help me with my job and with the new rules and protocols for RTI in the school.